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Guest Blogger: Courtney Farnon

What follows is the thank you note that Courtney Farnon, one of our Deacons, wrote to those who attended the Mini-Mission trip on Saturday.  A group got up early on Saturday and drove 2 hours to Mansfield to the Impound Barn, the place where horses are taken if they are removed from their “homes” due to neglect or abuse.  She has given me permission to post it here.

Hello All!

I just wanted to personally thank EVERYONE who went yesterday – we had an amazing day and got so much accomplished.  I have gotten feedback from the two ladies at the barn as well as others who worked last night and today.  No one can believe how willing everyone was to work and how much work was completed.  This meant the world to me to have you guys get to see what I do for a living and for the church to give a little bit back.  The horses didn’t have a choice in what has happened to them, but once they come into state custody, it is nice for them to have facilities that are well-maintained and make their rehabilitation that much easier.

Now I can think of our fun every time I chase a horse around the pasture that has been newly dragged by Tzelda, Austin, Savannah and her friend (with the newly painted fence thanks to Sean, Mr Steed, Nanette and Marge).  I can appreciate our church every time I nearly get bucked off test-riding horses wearing the bridles that are so newly polished by Katie, Allison and Mary.  I can let out an evil laugh every time I watch the horses NOT be able to bend the fence down to reach the grass that is “always greener on the other side” of the new fence that Tommy and Jake constructed.  The roof of the run-in shed that Clay, Kathryn and Mike so carefully (and crazily if you ask me!) repaired will bring a smile to my face every time I watch a mother and her young foal be able to get out of the rain.  I will think of Denise next time that I drop feed into the freshly cleaned feed buckets.  I will think of the “little engine that could” attitude that Wes and Pat maintained as they continued to try to get the pressure washer started.  Every time I see an overweight (formerly half-starved) horse, I will think of the hay that Ross and Charlotte so lovingly donated (and handled more than they imagined!).  These acts, some of which seem so small, really do mean the world to the horses, and to me!  You guys are one reason why I love FPC so much!

Thank you!