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A Prayer for Pastors as Holy Week Begins

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I wrote this today as I was thinking about all the thoughts that used to run through my mind before Palm Sunday.  While I’m participating this year, rather than leading, many of my close friends and colleagues begin one of the busiest weeks of the year.This is my prayer for them (You may share this, with attribution.  I’d love to hear in the comments if you do.):


Oh God, it is here…

The week that starts with palms and ends with flowers.

And there is so much to do in between.

Did we remember the juice or wine for Thursday?

Where are the palms for tomorrow?

And did someone order the lilies?

Bulletins and sermons and music – so much to do between here and there.

So many details, so many needs of so many people…

(Did we remember the Easter baskets for home? And tights and shoes for little ones? What happened to my white stole? And why on earth does my dress not fit!)


Help us stop, oh God.


Remind us that no matter what we do this week, we cannot crucify him.

And we cannot raise him from the dead.

Those were yours to do.

Our job is to tell the story and remind the people of what has already been done.

So release us from our stress.

Fuel us for this week. It will be a marathon and then a sprint to the finish.


And yet,

Even if we lose the shroud for the cross

Even if the communion bread is burnt. Or stale. Or missing.

Even if our best efforts fall short, all will be well.

Christ will be risen, and we will proclaim it.


Give us energy. Hope. Love. Patience. A good sense of humor. We will need all of them.

Give us peace and quiet.

And on Sunday afternoon…

Once the tomb is empty.

Once the meal – be it takeout, a full dinner, or a Lean Cuisine on the couch – is eaten,

Give us rest.


Rev. Julie A. Jensen


One thought on “A Prayer for Pastors as Holy Week Begins

  1. Beautiful! A good reminder for us all! Love you mom

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