Thoughts Between Sundays

Some of what crosses my mind between Sundays


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I did a few updates tonight.  There is a new section here for articles I have published here.

Now, you can hear me preach from your own computer!  So far, just one sermon is up, but I’ll be adding more as I get more comfortable with the process.  Click the orange button to hear me!

I also realized how far behind i am in posting manuscripts.  I’ll work on that soon.  FPC Cartersville has removed the sermon page, so mine are no longer posted there.

Also, if you come here often (or at all) you may notice the photos int he headers all change.  Those are my photos, taken at various places.  They change each time you visit, or reload the page.  Take a look!


One thought on “Updates

  1. Jules this is so great! Just finished listening your sermon and reading some of your articles. You are such a great writer!!!! So proud of you! Love, Mom

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