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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot – Tuscaloosa 2012 Monday

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It’s late-sh and the team is beginning to settle in for the evening.  We spent the day working on 2 homesites – -one about 15 minutes from where we are sating, and the other about 25 minutes away.  I’m on the team that is closer, and we spent the day outside in the heat and the sun framing floors.  I have never framed a floor before, but it involved a ton of small steps.

Pat Eberlein was in the crawl space – what he and Sharon Dunlap have dubbed “the belly of the beast”. It is cinderblock sides and their job was to wrap posts in black plastic and screw insulation to the sides, as well as affix trusses for the floors once Wes and Jake got them into place.  I spent a big part of the day cutting through solid foam insulation – measure, mark, cut, and then a karate chop to break the piece away.  Repeat.  Repeat again.  The Hallie W and Hallie E (later replaced by Denise) marked notices in the corners and cut them out, so that they could be attached between the trusses, and then stuffed with insulation.  It was hard work, but at the end of the day, we could see that we had made HUGE progress.  

We are trying to make sure everyone stays well hydrated, and takes frequent breaks.  We decided rather than make 20 sandwiches every day to take to the construction sites, we are taking bread and meats and cheeses etc and making lunch on site.  This was a good choice – it gave us longer to wait in the shade and catch our breath.  Then, as an afternoon treat – snow cones! YUM!

I’m in with the youth and asked them the best part of their day.  Here is what they said:

Hannah D:  “I got to learn how to use a power tool without dying”

Hallie W: “I’m happy I did not lose my hand in a tragic saw accident” – we are too 🙂  Paul, sitting here told her to stay away from the power tools tomorrow.

Jake and Xavier:  “new shower arrangements that include doors”.  Our showers are at the Y across the street, and conditions are…  less than desirable.  From here on we will be using the facilities at the University of Alabama which are better for everyone.  


It has been a really good first day.  We are tired, but looking forward to tomorrow.  The folks at the second site will continue landscaping and finishing a punch list that included staining doors, and other items to get the house ready for habitation.

I’m posting pictures during the day on Facebook, and will try to put some here tomorrow.  Off to bed so we can leave at 6:45 to start work at 7 so we can beat the heat!


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