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Mission Trip Countdown

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It was about a year ago that a group of 5 of us from First Presbyterian Church in Cartersville, and Rockmart Presbyterian Church in (yup, you guessed it) Rockmart, GA went on a mission trip to Tuscaloosa, AL.  The photos and blog entries from that trip can be found here.  I’m not sure what to expect as we head back a year later.  I remember the shed devastation, that I still struggle to find superlatives to describe.  The foundations that used to be houses and parking lots that used to be businesses.  The erie shell of a building that used to be a Hobby Lobby, now blown completely open and the sign gone.  It has been a year of rebuilding for the city, and I am looking forward to seeing what has changed, and how much is left to be done.

on Sunday, 20 of us will be commissioned and depart for Tuscaloosa (there are a few coming later, bur our group is 20 total.).  We have families that are bringing youth, and I am excited to get to spend time with them.  All of the youth just spent 10 days on a mission trip in Ireland, so this will be quite a temperature difference for them.  We are staying at First Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa, and working with Habitat for Humanity – Tuscaloosa.  I’ll be posting some on Facebook, and will also update here throughout the week.  On July 29th, the Mission Team will be leading all of worship, including the sermon, so that we can share our experiences of being the hands and feet of Christ in a devastated world.

Right now, I’m sitting on my couch, in my blue PDA T-shirt that I earned last year, remembering the people we met, and the places we went. My prayer for us is that we will shine the light of Christ to those we meet, and absorb the light that they reflect to us.  Please keep us in your prayers this week!  You can leave comments on the blog (please do!!!) and I will pass them along to team members.  I have a box full of notes and cards from our congregation to distribute during the week, and some surprises planned for the team as well.  The paperwork is finished, directions printed, and all that is left (for me) is to pack and hit the road!


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