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Official Plumber…

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Last week I was driving back from the neighboring county and saw a billboard by the side of the road.  The message was short – XYZ Plumbing = Official Plumber of the Atlanta Braves.

Oh, the questions this raised.  I pondered this for almost 10 minutes as I drove up the road…..

Why does a baseball team need an official plumber?  I understand needing an official doctor or lawyer or trainer or nutritionist, but plumber?  What do leaky pipes have to do with baseball?

Why tell me now, at the end of football season when baseball is far from my mind?

How much does it cost to become the official plumber of a Major League Baseball team, anyway?  I’m guessing a hefty sum of money changed hands or else any plumber could call themselves the Official Plumber of The Atlanta Braves.

Does this mean that all the players have to call XYZ when they have problems at their homes?  When the pipes get backed up at Turner Field, is that who they call to fix them?

Do the staff and employees of XYZ get free tickets to the games?  Are the seats any good?

So, if they have an official plumber, what else do they have?  Is there an official….oh, I don’t know….wait, I really don’t.  Soft drink, yeah, pretty sure they have one.  Grocery store.  Yup.   Airline.  Yup.  Hmmm….

Then I tried to make a deep theological connection (I was on my way to do some reading for sermon prep) to justify the thought process, and decided that some things are better left alone.  Was it effective advertising?  Well, I do remember the name of the company, but I’m not any more likelyto call them because they are the “Official Plumber of the Atlanta Braves.”  So from a marketing standpoint, they would probably consider it money well spent.  Me, I just want my almost 10 minutes and brainspace back.


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