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More Mission Trip Thoughts

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Here are some more reflections from our trip to the Outreach and Advocacy Center this Summer that I wanted to post:

From Sharon Dunlap:

Eric and I enjoyed our experience. We worked in the food pantry all morning. We realized as we worked stocking the shelves and freezers, just how much food we waste each day. We watched as people would come in and carefully choose their week’s food- trying to get the most for the pounds of food they were allotted. I tried to get one man to take a box of cereal, but his response was, “there’s no sense in taking cereal, I ain’t got no milk to go with it.” How we take for granted a simple gallon of milk. Eric and I made a pact to remember to always bring food on the third Sunday of each month to our food drive at the church, and try not to be so wasteful of the food that we eat each day.

From Rhonda Gaffoglio:

Central Pres. has a great location in downtown Atlanta to assist people in the city.  I was impressed  with the organization of their services.  One lady had just gotten a job at a hotel and needed transportation.  After verifying that she did have a new job, they were able to give her 14 days of Marta passes to get to her new job.

Everyone that is seen is offered a snack of juice and p0ower bars which for some was obviously their first food of the day.  Several men come in and ask for a razor and go and shave which says they do want to clean up.  Also many just want a pair of glasses to be able to read the newspaper for jobs, or directions for where they need to go next.  The center has a drawer of reading glasses and do a simple eye test to see what strength they need.

The services at Central Presbyterian are much like those of the Bartow Resource Center (Linda Thomas)  but on a larger scale.  First Presbyterian financially supports the Bartow Resource Center monthly.  Linda runs this office and uses volunteers daily to help her help others.

I also have to say that I was impressed with the beauty of the church santuary.  We were given a tour and they have a Chef that cooks a Sunday lunch for everyone for $7.00.  We also visited with a former First Pres. pastor that is on staff there parttime, Steve Bacon.


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