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More Junk for Jesus!

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And now, in her own words, here is what really happened to the disposable paper scrub pants:

I’ve had a large response from the Junk for Jesus blog. Suggestions have been interesting: kites for the children, sandbags for building walls, banners, collection bags for rainwater off the roof, etc. But in real life, here is what we have been doing.
1. The people who work in the yard and on the generator have figured out that they can slip a pair of pants over their jeans and not get oil on their jeans.
2. (This is the best solution). We got yet another shipment from Food for the Poor, and this time it really was food. We took a XXXXXL pair of pants, tied a knot in the waist, turned the pants upside down, and filled the pants with canned and boxed food, filling them through the legs. Then we tied the ends of the legs together and made a very handy carrying bag (pant?) full of food. We passed the food out to folks who came to the clinic. The recipients were delighted; one person even made up some symptoms when she heard we were giving out food. Now, we only have about 11,000 pairs of paper disposable surgical pants!

Pants as grocery bags – -who would have imagined!

The Parkers blog at: and you can subscribe to their blog (and this one!) by e-mail.

I still need to get to the post office and mail boxes to the winners — they will get out soon!  It was fun to put them together.

Coming soon to this blog near you:  adventures of the Associate Pastor while the head of staff is on sabbatical… Pentecost is Sunday — I LOVE Pentecost.  Fire, the Holy Spirit, visions, dreams, and a birthday party!


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