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And the award goes to….


Read the Junk for Jesus post here to see the first ever contest on this blog – -what would you do with 15,000 pairs of unasked for pairs of oversized paper surgical scrub pants.

There were 2 comments and so 2 winners!  In the particular order of who commented first, the winners are…….

fizmarie (the daughter of John and Suzi Parker) who proposed: Surely there’s some group from the US coming down to do a VBS that could use them to draw murals on to hang in the hospital rooms. Or better yet, thank you notes to whoever sent them down there in the first place.


ruth- Renew interest in “pantsing” as a sport. Paper pants will assist in training exercises.

– Pants-shaped kites for children

– Pre-cut disposable napkins

– Wallpaper. Like Japanese paper wallpaper. Only… different.

Each of you win a box of fabulous Junk for Jesus from our Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries, and some Junk for Jesus from my office closet — including but not limited to random yarn that will not become prayer shawls and tea lights leftover from the Advent Service of Hope and Healing.  I’m not sending you any of the sand I found (ruth, I need your mailing address).

On a more serious note, this has made me wonder about why we have a hard time letting go or throwing away things that we know we cannot use or that cannot be of use to others.  Yet, we cling to them “just in case” or for “someday.” In extreme cases we send them places where they become someone else’s problem.

So, before you add something to the “send to Haiti” pile (or really, to the give away pile” ask yourself these really good questions:

1. Has someone asked for this?
2. Is this something that is needed where I am sending it?
3. Does anyone know how to use what I am sending?
4. Is the technology appropriate for where I am sending it?
5. Can it be disposed of when it is no longer usable?
6. Does anyone in the country know how to maintain or repair this when it breaks? Because it will.

If the answers are no, maybe it is time to recycle instead.


3 thoughts on “And the award goes to….

  1. One of my members offered a wonderful summary of my philosophy on cleaning:

    “When in doubt, throw it out.”

    Perhaps the same could be said for donations that don’t make sense….

    • But if there is no regular trash service, no dump, no real way to throw it away, then what do you do with it?

      • Great question. I would hope that the original donors would choose my sentiment rather than spending the money to ship it, wasting the energy involved, and using unnecessary time of the recipient…

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