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Junk for Jesus and a Contest


The Parkers in Haiti have published another post about their ongoing adventures in rebuilding the hospital and guesthouse.  Read all about it on their blog. (link opens in a new window).

Suzi’s questions at the end to ask before anyone donates have really made me think, especially as I wonder what exactly they are going to do with 15,000 pairs of paper surgical scrub pants in various sizes.

Maybe it’s time for our first blog contest….

Post a comment here by Tuesday at Midnight EST with a creative use for 15,ooo pairs of paper surgical scrub pants, in various sizes – -that can be accomplished in Haiti.  I’ll pick the one that makes me laugh the most (or maybe I’ll put it to a vote at Staff Meeting on wednesday if things are slow) and the winner will get a prize yet to be determined in the Junk for Jesus category.


2 thoughts on “Junk for Jesus and a Contest

  1. Surely there’s some group from the US coming down to do a VBS that could use them to draw murals on to hang in the hospital rooms. Or better yet, thank you notes to whoever sent them down there in the first place.

  2. – Renew interest in “pantsing” as a sport. Paper pants will assist in training exercises.

    – Pants-shaped kites for children

    – Pre-cut disposable napkins

    – Wallpaper. Like Japanese paper wallpaper. Only… different.

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