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Beloved and Beautiful to Behold

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Sometimes when I am writing a sermon, I come across an illustration that gets stuck in my head and it won’t get out.

Sometimes, God is calling me to preach a sermon where it fits and I can use it.

Not this week.  God had a different sermon in mind.

So I offer it here. (Follow the link — it will open in a new window.  I’ll be here when you get back).  Jan Richardson has some beautiful art and a haunting story for the lectionary texts for Sunday.

My favorite paragraph is this one, “In the coming days, may the waters of our baptism so cling to us that in their depths we see who we are, and from our depths reflect to others their true name: beloved, precious child of God, and beautiful to behold.”

I may use this for the Second Look at Family Night next week.   Or not.  But it has left me with some questions to consider:

What does it look like to live as someone whose baptism clings to them?

What does it feel like to live as someone dripping with baptism?

How often are we called beloved?

My hope is that we may all see ourselves as God sees us — as beloved, precious children beautiful to behold.


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